Yikes! The day is fast approaching when traditionally this is the day that the rose is the most popular flower.and one of the most sensitive flowers to acquire.

Here at Fresh n Fabulous we stock both Ecuadorian Roses and  local roses.  Over the years we have found that Ecuadorian roses are the preferred rose for many reasons.  They have thick long stems, larger flower heads with more of a petal count per blossom, intense and defined colors, and above all they have a lengthier vase life for our customers to enjoy in there home.

This compared to our local roses, which have smaller blooms, and a shorter vase life . We also support our local grower with acquiring these product but we are very aware of how this rose will be used for our customers in there homes and in our designs.

There are many reasons for this difference in quality. For the most part it is the growing conditions. Unfortunately here in Canada we cannot compete with long hours of sunshine and the almost perfect growing conditions in Ecuador.

For Valentine's Day we will have a large assortment of Ecuadorian Roses.  With the proper flower care these roses will be enjoyed by our customers for as long as they can.

Written by Lilo Kallai — February 05, 2018

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