It feels like spring is in the air! Here on the coast we are just experiencing  the annual herring run which always comes in late February or early March.  A sure sign that the earth is awakening after a long winter. All the activity that is happening with the birds, fish,and boats, is an amazing sight to see.  Just as are our gardens are waking up with spring with the abundance of tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, irises, anemone, and viburnum. It all starts with the softness of the  pussy willow  pushing through there jackets. Right now our floral cooler is looking lush and vibrant with all those locally grown BC spring flowers.

- Did you know that tulips  when cut and put in an arrangement will keep growing at least an inch a day? That is one of the reasons we cut them a bit shorter in our arrangements so the recipients of our bouquets can watch them evolve over time.

- tulips are also heliotropic (which means that they will grow to whatever the direction the light is coming from). As we watch the tulips wind themselves out of an arrangement we sometimes  call that there  "tulip dance" .

- One rule of thumb is never to mix daffodils with tulips.  The sap from the daffodils will kill the tulips.  This only applies to fresh cut daffodils as they secrete a sap.  You can mix the two flowers if the daffodils have sat for 24 hours in a separate vase to all the sap to drain out.. 

Spring is one of my personal favorite times of the year. So having all those locally grown BC flowers at my fingertips make it an absolute joy to create beautiful spring bouquets

Happy Spring,


Written by Lilo Kallai — March 08, 2018

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